Mouser Electronics launches Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC One-Touch connectors for automotive infotainment systems and other purposes

May 14, 2021-Focus on the introduction of new products and provide a massive inventory of electronic components distributor Mouser Electronics (Mouser Electronics) stocks Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC One-Touch connectors from now on. This series of flexible flat

2020 Review: Seven New Trends of the Internet

Behind every new trend, there are unspeakable opportunities and anxiety.In 2007, after 20 years of business, Kingsoft finally listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lei Jun's mood at the helm is complicated. After 16 years of hard work in Jinshan, af

Several basic concepts of the single-chip microcomputer

MCU executes instructionsLet's think about a problem. When we write an instruction into the microcontroller in the programmer, and then remove the microcontroller, the microcontroller can execute this instruction.Then this instruction must be stored s

Debugging method of A-type emergency lighting centralized power supply

A kind of emergency lighting centralized power supply debugging is to debug and adjust the power supply (type A emergency lighting centralized power supply) to enable the system to meet the acceptance specifications, ensure that the system facilities achi

Breakthrough in next-generation semiconductor packaging technology Samsung announces completion of development of I-Cube4

Seoul, South Korea, May 6, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Recently, Samsung Semiconductor has developed a new generation that can encapsulate logic chips and 4 high-bandwidth memories (HBM). 2.5D packaging technology "I-Cube4"."I-Cube4" is called "Interposer-Cube4" i

Renesas DDR5 I3C bus expansion and SPD hub products pass AMI firmware certification

Tokyo, Japan, April 29, 2021-Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solution provider, today announced that Renesas’ I3C bus expansion products have been used by partner AMI’s MegaRAC® SP-X remote management software

The core element of intelligent transformation is new computing power rather than new technology

Data, computing power, and algorithms are the core elements of an enterprise's intelligent transformation. 2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and China will open a new development pattern that focuses on the domestic big cycle and do

Why the location of the capacitor is important

If the use of products is an art where details and operations coexist, then the installation and design of capacitors is the prelude to this show. The position of the capacitor on the circuit board is very important, which will directly affect the later u

An important breakthrough has been made in the domestic 3nm chip etching machine!

News from Zijin Finance May 8 Recently, good news came from the domestic chip industry. According to media reports, China Micro Corporation has successfully developed a 3nm etching machine, and completed the prototype design, manufacturing, testing, and p

Lithium battery diaphragm stain detection system can effectively detect surface quality problems

Traditional inspection methods such as manual visual inspection are slow, low-precision, and fatigue-prone. They are far from being able to meet the requirements of high-speed, high-resolution, and non-destructive inspection in industrial production. In t

New LED displays to usher in new opportunities, and integrated innovation will become an important direction

Driven by the two major new visual changes, 5G+8K and 5G+AR/VR, the ultra-high-definition display industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities, and at the same time put forward new requirements for display technology. Applied to scenes

GAVIN series refrigerated infrared movement launched by Gaoxin Technology

At the end of February this year, "Iron Man" Elon Musk uttered through his personal Twitter: SpaceX's Starlink plans to cover most of the earth by the end of this year and complete the coverage of the entire earth next year, and then continue to incre

How to reduce the inherent noise of the oscilloscope

The current probe uses the Hall effect and open-loop measurement principle to convert the measured current (AC, DC, or irregular waveform current) into a measurement module that follows the output current or voltage. The primary and secondary sides are hi

What are the reasons for using 4-20mA current to transmit analog quantity?

The reason for using the current signal is that it is not easy to have interfered, because the amplitude of the noise voltage in the industrial field may reach several volts, but the power of the noise is very weak, so the noise current is usually less th

Engineers create low-cost four-legged software robots

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have created a lightweight, low-cost four-legged soft robot that can maintain system control and movement through a pneumatic circuit and does not require any electronic equipment to drive. The project

IDTechEx has thoroughly studied the form and composition of thermal interface materials in this new report

According to Memes Consulting, thermal interface material (TIM) is one of the key requirements for all electronic equipment, power modules, communications, energy storage, and other applications. Essentially, as long as the system generates heat and needs

Digi-Key Electronics collaborates with TE and Microchip to release a new smart city video series "Smarter and Safer Cities"

Digi-Key Electronics, the world’s most abundant and fastest-shipping spot electronic component distributor, has announced the release of a new video series focusing on smart cities with the assistance of TE and Microchip. With the theme of "Smarter

Microchip Announces Expansion of Radiation-Resistant ArmÒ Microcontroller (MCU) Product Lineup for Space Systems

The new product adopts Arm CortexÒ-M7-based system-on-chip (SoC) commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) and radiation-resistant scalable solutions and adds embedded simulation functions to provide developers with more convenienceSpace projects,

Pepperl+Fuchs' new stainless steel housing series strengthens its Ex e solution portfolio

Pepperl+Fuchs launched the SR series, further consolidating its position as a supplier of explosion-proof equipment in the professional field of process automation. This new stainless steel housing series complements the GR series made of glass fiber rein

Nexperia's second-generation 650V GaN FET enables the 80 PLUS® titanium power supply to operate at 2kW or higher

The new 650V H2 power GaN FET is packaged in TO-247. For a given RDS(on) value, the chip size is reduced by 36%, and it has better stability and efficiency. The cascade configuration does not require a complicated drive circuit, which speeds up the time t

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