EU officials will meet with Intel and TSMC to discuss the possibility of establishing a fab in Europe

News on April 25 According to reports, Thierry Breton, the head of the EU's internal industry, will hold a meeting with Intel CEO and TSMC executives on April 30 to further discuss the possibility of the two manufacturers setting up wafer fabs in the EU.

EU officials said that Thierry Breton will meet Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in Brussels on April 30. In addition, a video conference will be held on the same day with Maria Merced, TSMCs European President. The EU official told a Reuters reporter that the EU hopes to reach a consensus with the two manufacturers by meeting to increase the EU's autonomy in the semiconductor industry and avoid further isolation of the EU by the global supply chain. The official also emphasized that while the EU looks forward to developing its semiconductor manufacturing technology, it will continue to establish cooperative relations with international partners. However, the EU still plays a leading role in it.

The report emphasized that Thierry Breton is trying to persuade technology-leading chip manufacturers to establish large-scale wafer fabs in the EU, which will help achieve the European Commissions strategic goal of obtaining the most advanced chip production technology in the next 10 years, and By 2030, the proportion of global semiconductor production will double from the current 10% to 20%, and the most advanced 2nm process chips will be produced in volume.

As for Thierry Bretons main reason for promoting the EUs technological autonomy in semiconductor technology, the current global market demand for various products ranging from consumer electronics to automotive electronics has soared, disrupting the production planning of the global supply chain, which also exposes Out of the EUs heavy dependence on chips produced in Asia.

In this regard, although Intels new CEO Pat Gelsinger has announced that Intel is expected to spend billions of dollars to enter the foundry market and establish a dedicated department that will report directly to the CEO in the future. This plan includes the establishment in Europe. A new fab.

However, regarding Intels positive statement, EU officials revealed that Thierry Breton is keener to invite TSMC to invest in the EU. The reason is that TSMC is relatively non-controversial in the foundry industry and has a better grasp of advanced process technology. TSMC declined to comment.

Regarding the EU's active invitation to Intel and TSMC to set up factories in Europe, some market analysts warned that the establishment of a large wafer factory in Europe is very likely to be a wrong move. Because Europe itself neither produces high-end electronic products nor does it have an advanced chip design industry. Therefore, there is no complete industrial chain for the foundry, and its future development will be full of doubts.