Nexperia's second-generation 650V GaN FET enables the 80 PLUS® titanium power supply to operate at 2kW or higher

The new 650V H2 power GaN FET is packaged in TO-247. For a given RDS(on) value, the chip size is reduced by 36%, and it has better stability and efficiency. The cascade configuration does not require a complicated drive circuit, which speeds up the time to market. The device has an excellent performance in both hard-switching and soft-switching circuits, providing designers with great flexibility.

Nexperia GaN Strategic Marketing Director Dilder Chowdhury explained: Titanium grade is the most demanding of the 80 PLUS® specifications, and requires efficiency of "91% under full load conditions ("96% under half load conditions). For 2 kW and more High-power server power, applications use traditional silicon devices to achieve this level of performance. The circuit design is complex and challenging. Nexperia's new power GaN FET is very suitable for simple bridgeless totem-pole PFC circuits, using fewer devices, and Can reduce size and system cost."

Nexperia GAN041-650WSB GaN FET is now available in large quantities.

Designers can visit Nexperia's exhibition area during PCIM Digital Days from May 3rd to 7th to learn about the practical applications of Nexperia GaN FETs.