LED driver for high-power machine vision flash

Machine vision systems use very short glare flashes to produce high-speed images for various data processing applications. For example, fast-moving conveyor belts use machine vision systems for rapid labeling and defect detection. Infrared and laser LED f

Basic knowledge of battery protection board

1. What is a battery protection board?The battery protection board is a circuit board that protects the battery, prolongs the service life of the battery, and prevents the battery from exploding.2. What are the functions of the battery protection board?Th

The ultra-small proximity sensor introduced by Vishay consumes only 6.63 μA

The device uses a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), the photosensitive hole diameter is only 1.6 mm, suitable for consumer electronics and industrial applications, including TWS headsets and VR / AR helmetsBefore May 10, 2021, Vishay Interte

What is the difficulty of IC design?

IC design is the most upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, and it is also the most mature link in domestic development. Generally speaking, the focus of IC design refers to the design of electronic circuits, in which analog circuit design is very

How will the future of the electronic nose develop?

What if we can better understand how allergens and pollutants can irritate people with asthma or other lung diseases?In this regard, technologies such as the electronic nose may be helpful."The electronic nose is a device composed of an electronic chemica

Classification of programmable logic devices

Logic devices can be divided into two categories-fixed logic devices and programmable logic devices. As the name suggests, circuits in fixed logic devices are permanent, they perform one or a set of functions-once manufactured, they cannot be changed. On

A novel structure assembly strategy by introducing flexible carboxylic acid amine motifs

The spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric semiconductors interacts with photo-generated carriers, which has produced physical properties with important application prospects and has become a powerful candidate material for the development of new optoe

Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund will provide II-VI with US$410 million in funding

Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund (Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund) will provide II-VI with US$410 million in funding to create more production capacity for optical components (such as VCSELs) in Apple’s iPhone series and accelerate production. Te

Application field of PEM CWT Rogowski coil

In the past 20 years, CWT has been supplied to major electrical engineering companies and leading research institutions around the world. This versatile instrument has been widely used in various applications, such as:Semiconductor switching waveformCWT c

Introduction to the advantages of differential signaling

The oscilloscope high-voltage differential probe is an indispensable part of the oscilloscope's use process. It is mainly used as a signal transmission link to transmit the signal under test to the oscilloscope in a complete and reliable manner for fu

With the wave of lithium battery sweeping the world, the next ten years will be the golden age of lithium battery development

SummaryThe Apocalypse BMS system, ultra-lithium S7 series of light-duty vehicle family products, and new high-energy iron-lithium products have become extremely important "chess pieces" for Xingheng to continue to lead the market.As the penetration of lit

A quick look at the seven popular materials in 2020

Since the 18th century, materials science has been the foundation of engineering disciplines. Most of the innovations, innovations, and inventions in the world depend on the development and progress of materials science. Without materials science, there w

Digi-Key Electronics announces a global distribution partnership with electronic connector supplier ERNI Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics, the world’s most abundant and fastest-shipping spot electronic component distributor, recently announced that it has reached a solid global distribution partnership with ERNI Electronics to sell its rugged and durable electroni

Knowledge about DC-DC converters

DC-DC converter modules are widely used in consumer electronic products, but how do they work and what are the most important criteria when choosing converter products? In this article, we will introduce DC-DC converters to help understand some of the tec

ADLINK Technology launched a new EtherCAT module to provide a complete EtherCAT solution for industrial automation

The new 6-channel EU series ECAT-4XMO and ECAT-TRG4 modules integrate software and hardware to accelerate the modernization of smart factories.Summary:· ADLINK Technology has a complete EtherCAT solution, with both master and slave modules, which c

FAULHABER launched two new motion controllers of the MC 3001 series with powerful power and small size

MC3001 series motion controllers have two models: MC 3001 B (board-to-board connector) and MC3001P (28-pin plug connector), which make up for the defects of FAULHABER MC V3.0 version controller products in the low-end performance field. This type of contr

Demystifying the common modules of embedded development: the principle and application of digital tube

Nixie tube, also known as glow tube, is an electronic device that can display numbers and other information. The glass tube includes an anode made of wire mesh and multiple cathodes. The shape of the cathode of most digital tubes is a number. The tube is

Exclusive desktop video conference screen for office, MAXHUB creates a professional personal video conference experience

After remote video conferencing has become the new normal in modern digital offices, people also suffer from "sweet burnout" when they feel convenience: when using mobile phones or laptops for remote video conferencing, it is not only because of long-term

Renesas Electronics launches new RA6M5 product group Arm Cortex M33 core RA6 series mainstream MCU product line tends to be complete

The new MCU product group brings multiple communication options and flexible memory architecture to IoT applicationsAnd strong security, it becomes the ideal choice for on-site firmware update applications.On March 31, 2021, the global semiconductor solut

Equipped with Rockchip RK3568 chip, Lenovo launches a new series of smart IoT products for commercial use

Recently, Lenovo Commercial officially released a new intelligent IoT product-the Lenovo edge-enhanced computing board ECB-PR51 developed based on the Rockchip RK3568 chip, and the Lenovo edge-enhanced intelligent gateway developed using this motherboard.

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