Parallax designs and manufacturers microcontroller development tools and small single-board computers that are used by electronic engineers, educational institutions, and hobbyists. Parallax's product line consists of BASIC Stamp microcontrollers and deve

Listado de productos

LED lighting components (11)
Automated industry (1)
Tools and consumables (5)
Engineering technology development tools (211)
Passive components (49)
Wire and cable (5)
Circuit protection (1)
Power supply (10)
Semiconductor (78)
Electronics (39)
Chassis products (4)
Optoelectronics (38)
Sensor (37)
Connector (6)
Thermal management products (5)
Embedded solution (256)
Standard LED-Through Hole (4)
Modular System-SOM (10)
Loudspeaker and frequency converter (1)
Wall-mounted AC adapter (1)
Zener diode (1)
Standard LED-Through Hole (4)

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