Overview and characteristics of NS-FZ type generator neutral grounding resistance cabinet

NS-FZ type generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet is a complete set of equipment dedicated to high resistance grounding for the neutral point of power plant generators. The generator voltage level is mainly 6kv to 20kv. When the stator is grounded at one point, the grounding current can be limited to a very small value, and the arc grounding transient overvoltage can be effectively suppressed. Baoding Newstar Electric Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of resistance cabinet series products. Our products are compact in structure, excellent in component performance, carefully designed, protected in place, complete monitoring functions, and provide analog output, professional protection, and avoid burnout and power generation Machine core.

2. Product features

1. Compact structure, excellent component performance

NS-FZ type generator neutral grounding resistance cabinet combines scattered single-phase transformers, resistors, current transformers, grounding protection output terminals, and other electrical equipment into a closed metal cabinet, and can optionally be equipped with isolation switches and lightning arresters, Intelligent protection instruments, and other complete sets of supply; high safety and reliability, clear and neat layout, easy to install, debug, and operate and maintain. The single-phase transformer used in the device is a dry-type insulating transformer with stable working performance and strong impact resistance. The secondary side of the transformer adopts stainless steel resistance.

2. Carefully designed and protected in place

The NS-FZ-type generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet is connected between the generator neutral point and the ground. When a single-phase ground fault occurs in the power grid or the generator stator winding, the additional resistive current is provided to the grounding point to make the grounding point The current changes from capacitive to resistive-capacitive current, so as to ensure that the overvoltage generated does not exceed 2.6 times the phase voltage.

3. Complete monitoring functions and provide an analog output

NS-FZ type generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet is 0.4KV35KV. The generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet is a special set of high-resistance grounding equipment in the generator set. It can be equipped with intelligent control instruments such as current and action recorders. , It can monitor the unbalanced current at the neutral point under normal conditions and can record the number of actions when a single-phase ground fault occurs, and can provide analog output for the protection and monitoring system.

4. Professional protection to avoid burning the generator core

In the design parameters of the NS-FZ generator neutral point grounding resistance cabinet, we strive to control the total ground current within 15A, which can not only meet the requirements of relay protection sensitivity but also reduce the iron core when the generator stator winding is grounded. Damage.